studio day with misha engineering - £400

studio day for unsigned/self funded band with misha engineering - £350

F.A.Q :

HOW LONG IS A STUDIO DAY - Between 8 and 10 hours, depending on the project and time frame of the project

I am a freelance engineer, can I book in a session - the studio is no longer open to freelance engineers.

do i need to pay a deposit on the session - on bookings over 3 days i take a non refundable deposit, equal to a third of the session. If the session's date needs to change, and is changed within the cancelation policy (see below), the deposit can be shifted to a new date.

do you have a cancelation policy - yes. it is as follows. 

  • no cancelation fee for projects cancelled over one week before session (but loose deposit if applicable).

  • within 1 week of session, cancelation fee is a half of the projects cost (including deposit if applicable).

  • within 3 days of the session, cancelation fee is the entire cost of the project (including deposit if applicable).

what is your policy with regards to delivering files/multitracksI will only hand over session files once                                    the session cost is paid in full. mixes and mp3's can be delivered before hand at the discretion of the engineer. 

do you master - I do not master but work with some incredible mastering engineers that I can recommend.

how can i book in a session - email me at mishahering1986@gmail.com or call 07790564438

can i come check out the studio in person - absolutely! Just send me a message and well work it out! 

i am an assistant currently looking for work, can i work for you - currently there are no available work placements